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147 Malvern Worcestershire
147 Malvern Worcestershire

Are you finding the best tool for DIY woodworking projects?

The DIY woodworking projects are becoming popular among the people and lots of people are willing to create their own furniture. If you are interested in doing the woodworking job, there are plenty of things you should know before you get started. One of the foremost things you will want is the tools. As a beginner, one should want a measuring tape and the best quality table saw. When it comes to buying a saw, it is highly recommended to purchase the best one. Whenever you begin a DIY project, you should have the best set of plans and also you can have a clear focus and direction as well.

Woodworking project with coping saw

In order to make the easy woodworking projects, you need to have some excellent woodworking plans. Even there are some useful websites available on online that allow you to learn a lot on woodworking and also download any conceivable woodworking projects. Attempting the great DIY woodwork project is one of the most essential things to do. If you are doing it very seriously, you need to be well prepared and sincerely learned about this project. When it comes to considering the DIY woodworking projects, having the best set of coping saw is supreme.

Coping saw – hand woodworking tool


In the beautiful alpine resort of Bled in Slovenia lies a hidden architectural gem. The project is an underground extension of a 19th century villa, offering 1200 sqm. of ‘invisible’ living space at ground-floor level and a roof terrace above. The fully glazed facade offers stunning views over the lake at Bled whilst looking from the other side of the lake the form is in perfect harmony with the surrounding mountains. On the ground floor, the living area is organised at different levels around a central helical spiral staircase. The design addresses the main challenge of incorporating the new 700-m2 addition whilst respecting the official restrictions the villa and the surrounding landscape were subjected to. The solution was realised and developed by architects Rok Oman and Spela Videcnik through the placing of the newer spaces beneath the ground floor of the existing villa. read more